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Case Studies

Caltech / MIT Enterprise Forum

Funding Your Venture - An Entrepreneurs Perspective, provides perspectives from the following speakers : a serial entrepreneur who heads Nanostream Inc, a venture capitalist at Smart Technology Ventures III, a consultant at SCA Consulting, and an investment banker at Wasserstein Perella & Co. The panel focused on early stage financing and its strategies / methods / processes from start-up to Series A round. What are VCs and Angel Investors? What do they look for when investing in companies? How much equity will they ask for? ...more

LAVA - The Investment Capital Conference Workshop Series

Building the Team for the Emerging Growth Company, shared case studies from the following speakers : a serial entrepreneur who led, a venture capitalist from idealab! Capital Partners, an early stage investor at Golenberg Schmitz Partners, an executive recruiter at Stanton Chase resources, and an intellectual property attorney at Lyon & Lyon. The panel focused on the Silicon Valley strategies / methods of building a team, such as, bringing in world-class management, board of advisors & directors, issuing stock options ...more

Nicole Scherzinger Performs "Right There," "I Hate This Part," and "Don't Hold Your Breath" Live

(HOLLYWOOD-080311) Nicole Scherzinger, multitalented singer-model-dancing artist, performed "Right There," "I Hate This Part," as well as, "Don't Hold Your Breath" live after donating one of her signature outfits yesterday to the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood & Highland, Los Angeles.

Nicole Scherzinger, (Rick Soto / TJFI)Nicole Scherzinger, (Rick Soto / TJFI)Nicole Scherzinger, (Rick Soto / TJFI)Nicole Scherzinger, (Rick Soto / TJFI)

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